I regret leaving my wife for another woman - Aftermath of Leaving Your Husband/Wife

Together six years now, married for three, have a 5 year old. We are very happy! No regrets at all. He's way better for me and I'm glad he's the...

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She apparently is getting her dream job and has the best marriage. I don't know your wife so I can't personalise what's going on for her. I can actually have an adult conservation and learn from him. To be fair, the previous relationship wasn't working out anyway. We manage to completely share our daughter equally and even when things have been rough we've managed to put her needs first.


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It's important to make a plan around the logistics, the things that CAN be controlled because there will be some things that can't. We started officially dating shortly after they broke up. I have been married to the new lady for just over a year now and I am happier than I have ever been. Then there's the fact that there was someone out there who they chose over you. My parents are also still really good friends, so they see each other often.

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  3. I don't need to be in a romantic relationship to not be lonely. I have friends. _-

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