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Annamei Chan: You guys forgot the excess of tattoos, shameless farts, endless tv shows, reading Clickhole non stop, expecting a women to hold the door for him and pay 50/50, smoking weed and eating chips all the damn time

Lady Guiweny: Just goes to show American ignorance on a whole new level. using that flag (which hasn't been used since 180is an insult to the northern Irish!

Gwladys: When You Don't! =)

HappyMan: If you want a future, you pay if your a man. they got credit cards so.

Mickael Cunha: Swiss its not a real language but it's way more than an accent, Germans can't understand Swiss people)

Amazinng: She gets emotional Yes, Russian girls are emotional, but to the some point

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DanaWhite: Overpopulated nation. They breed too much and don't work enough there. And they can't cook properly ;)

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To success the countenance you necessary to outsmart three, four or five of the bird symbols anywhere on the screen.

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  2. But thanks for clarifying these points, even though people in the comments didn't seem to actually watch the vid

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  4. And you sound like a racist narrow-minded person. I'm from the middle-east and I completely agree with Laci.

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Gratis hookup site belgie provincies kaart

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