What body type do women like - Researchers Tested Which Male Body Shapes Women Find The Most Attractive. It's Not Good News, Men

Not surprisingly, the male and female perspectives differ — a lot! There are some surprises for women, too.

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W Germain: Russian women dress super vulgar usually. No doubt. They are pretty yes, but look like whores because they try too hard. Not all of them, many of them

Arzu Bhusal: XD I love how the sign of the shop says sorry at 55! XD

Sergio PГ©rez: Humans are humans poor guy is broken. I liked this video and it is quite accurate.

Lisa Zoria: Colombians look like Italians but sexier

Tamla Rae: She called him a Wanker for that? That's messed up.

Addar1989: I actually am an Italian woman. Not Italian American. But ITALIAN and I actually found this to be very true! Lol

Im Unishine: As much as like boobs and butt, I like their faces the most!

Platocracy: My uncle used to travel the world and get pussy everywhere. He said if you can get stuck-up pussy in Canada. you can get pussy anywhere.

MainKick2000: You know you're dating a Palestinian woman when.

Little Jimin: That was not spanish from Spain, at least her pronunciation.

Toca Do Mago: I could understand many languages but my own! The pronunciation of braziian portuguese is awful!

Anshita Gupta: I come from a German family and I find German men really attractive, but I'm too old fashioned. I like the man to make the first step, so I guess it will never happen hahaha

Alt Empire: They are reading subeme la radio by Enrique iglesias

Doncho Garbov: One more thing. Russian women take no shit. They are strong girls. I never dated a Russian but I was friends with one when she was in America as a international student.

They think his arms are great. Having said that gay men seem to like bodybuilders…. Moral of my long post, the gym is supposed to teach you hard work,ethics, discipline, finding out how hard it is to actually change your life and achieve success.

Finger on December 18, at 7: Shane Duquette on September 7, at 4: This study is crap, haha.

I wonder how that 80 something percent would feel if it actually happened. Check this article on aesthetics out. None have the bulked up Bodybuilders physique. That pole might change significantly. Steroids make you LESS of a man.

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Lindsey Stone: Been through all this, but having been around Italians all my life, it doesn't faze me lmao

Sindi Sanchez: Why French people hate Paris?

Vivek Singh: Did they know each other from before? The interaction between some of them is too friendly Oo

Valentina V.: Her dad said ladyboy?Hahahahahahaha

Vlad Yarotsky: Estonian men are hot fuck

RoguelikeMike: All women come late to the dates, come on!

Ari Pan: Thank you! Finally, somebody realized that russians don't ever say na zdorovie when they drink. Like Russians in every Hollywood movie even in 2016

Martin Marcos: I am Portuguese.

Nina Malik: U don't show the moment where she buy a p90 on eco and rush b my friend

Kristen M: You know you're dating a Russian woman when you found out she's a spy .


LuckSeventy: And we do have a lot of 'hipster fashion here. And a huge beach culture comes with surfie types. But to say that 'boy next door skater look is common? er. no. not quite lol

Manu Ntvg: I don't drink vodka.

Grace Ebo: I dont feel german anymore. :I But I loved the Video! :D

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Dave on April 13, at 3: We care about our muscles the way girls care about their clothes. And once you stop obsessing over the muscles that sprout up it really does transition well into effortless maintenance. But you have a point! Nor do men; nobody does. And if they are already in a relationship, it may unconsciously be done in order to attract new, higher status mates. The Camden-based designer is endlessly creative and has the portfolio to prove it with some of the top brands in the world wanting to work with him.

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  2. I am definitely 100 a feminist and damn proud of it. Growing up with a single mom I aleays have been and always will be.

  3. Females are nothing but walking incubators. That's the only purpose they have on this earth, to give birth.

  4. DeadlyChinchilla Oh, sorry, I read that fast. You said 'nobody exists who is solely attracted to children, not few.

  5. Yeah this would be like having someone walk up to you and shooting you in the leg then everyone else goes HIS/HER FAULT F U

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What body type do women like

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Do women REALLY prefer muscular men? We fit 10 ladies with eye-tracking glasses as they meet three nearly-nude guys with very different physiques. We filmed 10 women meeting three near-naked...